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Since 1964, the Travel Journal Group (Trajal) has been a forerunner in the Japanese travel industry, initiating the very first travel trade publication in Japan. From the time overseas travel was liberalized in 1964, and ordinary people people in Japan began to travel, the Trajal Group has been instrumental in encouraging and facilitating the world of possibilities available to everyone. In 1974, Trajal established its Hospitality and Tourism College in both Tokyo and Osaka, and currently has affiliated colleges throughout Japan, as well as in China, South Korea, the U.S.A. and Australia. Over 30,000 students have graduated from the Trajal schools and many are now bringing the Trajal concept of excellent service and true internationalism to top-class companies all over the world.


In keeping with the philosophy of Jim T.Moritani, the founder of the Trajal Group, our interns aim to be tireless and creative in their personal expansion. Moritani has been recognized worldwide for his forward-thinking approach to the travel industry, having received awards from the Italian Government, the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) and the then Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. The Travel Journal Group has affiliated companies in five major spheres which are instrumental to the travel industry and its development in the 21st century.

  1. Travel Journal, Inc. (5 Bureau Offices throughout Japan apart from Tokyo Head Office)
    Publishes a travel industry magazine and books and operates travel-related websites in Japan.
  1. College Foundation Moritani Gakuen Trajal Hospitality & Tourism College, Tokyo & Osaka campuses
  2. The Education Center for the Hotel Industry/The Japan Hotel School, Tokyo
  3. Tokyo Japanese Language & Culture College
  4. Trajal has 11 affiliated educational institutes around the world (China, S. Korea, Australia, Canada and U.S.A.) as well as in Japan which provide the highest quality training for future travel industry employees.
Event Organizing
  1. World Travel Fair, Inc.
    Organizes the annual JATA-World Travel Fair, the largest consumer-oriented travel event in Asia.
Human Services
  1. Hospitality Inc. (Tokyo, Sapporo)
  2. Japan Reflexologist Education College (Tokyo, Sapporo, Osaka)
  3. Trajal West, Inc. (Osaka)
  4. Trajal East, Inc. (Sendai)
  5. Trajal Frere, Inc. (Nagoya)
  6. Bright Inc.
    Japan Casino School
    Placement of qualified staff in travel industry positions.
Community Services
  1. Trajal sponsors the following awards and programs to promote investment in the travel industry’s most valuable assets its people.
  2. Tour of the Year Awards
  3. National High School Student Good Travel Planning Prize
  4. Seminars for Travel Professionals
  5. Japanese Inn Women Managing Directors Exchange Program