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1.Is the intern paid?
Interns do not expect wages but allowances(averaging US$300/month) are usually provided.

2.How long does the intern stay?
This will depend on personal preferences and schedules of the intern and the host organization, as well as visa requirements. Basically, the period of stay can be anywhere from 2 months to a year.

3.Is it possible to extend the period of stay or employ the intern after the agreed period finishes?
Again, for extension, this will depend on visa requirements which are different for each country. As for future employment, this can be discussed directly with the intern.

4.What is the selection procedure?
Each applicant is interviewed, at which time, they are evaluated according to their adaptability, motivation, previous experience and personality.

5.Are interns responsible for their own accommodation?
We have been asking the hosts to provide accommodation for the interns.

6.Do the interns have their own health insurance?
Yes. All interns will have insurance which adequately covers them for accident, sickness, hospital stay and so on, before they leave Japan. Host organizations will not be responsible for any expense the intern may incur.

7.What sort of work should the interns do during their stay?
The type of work appropriate for the interns will, of course, depend on their skills and experience. Many host organizations will want the intern to be in a position where they can deal with Japanese customers. Basically, interns wish to be treated as regular employees and to work for the host organization as a member of the staff. Interns may require some training to be able to perform specific tasks in your organization, thus it may be necessary to create a training program in the initial period.

8.What sort of visa will the interns be on?
This will depend on the country the intern will be staying in, the length of time of the internship, and the assistance of the host organization. TRAJAL Internship will assist with all visa arrangements while the intern is in Japan. All interns will have the appropriate visa for the job that they will be performing with the host country.

9.What sort of preparations need to be made by the host?
The host organization will need to prepare a letter of invitation when the intern has been selected. If possible, we ask that the host organization make arrangements for the intern’s accommodation reserving a place in the employee dormitory, arranging a host family or assisting the intern to find a suitable apartment to rent. Preparation of the training program may be necessary depending on the job the intern will be assigned to. Also, we ask that someone from the host organization meet the intern at the airport.